M-13 Resources

M-13 Resources refers to regulations 14, 17(2)(f) and (g) and must be read in conjunction with regulations 5 and 6.


The (organisation’s name) should ensure adequate and effective resources are available to employees and contractors to efficiently and effectively undertake their building control functions. These may include, but are not limited to, technical and administrative information, facilities and equipment.

Roles and responsibilities

  • (TBA)
    (TBA) are responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate resources are available for the (organisation’s name) to carry out its building control functions in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Each employee (and contractor)
    has the day-to-day responsibility for carrying out their own quality checks to ensure (organisation’s name’s) operational standards and statutory obligations are met.
  • (TBA)
    The (TBA) has overall responsibility and authority for ensuring all human resources functions for (organisation’s name) are defined, developed and adhered to.


1  Human resources

1.1  The purpose of human resources (in this context) is to encourage alignment of the (organisation’s name’s) personnel to the purpose of the business, enable (organisation’s name) to successfully perform its statutory activities and ensure adherence to appropriate policies and legislation.

1.2  Each (TBA) has the day-to-day responsibility and authority to implement the appropriate human resources systems and procedures for building control employees under their jurisdiction.

1.3  (TBA) will ensure all new or transferred employees meet the minimum requirements for any position being filled by:

  • identifying training needs and ensuring personnel receive necessary training, including attending appropriate internal and external courses
  • providing on-the-job training opportunities to building control officers
  • ensuring all employees and contractors are aware of their responsibility to adhere to human resource requirements as detailed within this documented procedure and (organisation’s name’s) human resources policy and procedures
1.4  (Organisation’s name) has a human resources department responsible for developing the (organisation’s name’s) overall policy and procedures.  

1.5  The following are examples of specific policies relating to human resources.

  • Organisational charts
  • Human resource forms
  • Human resources introduction
  • Recruitment
  • Performance management/review
  • Leave
  • Leaving (the organisation)  
  • harassment
  • Change of employment details
  • Temporary/casual employees and contractors
  • Mobile phone policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Privacy
  • Email/Intranet and security policy
  • Disputes resolution policy
  • Emergency contact details
  • Company car policy
  • Gifts
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Treaty of Waitangi

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