M-08 Responsibility and authority

M-08 Responsibility and authority refers to regulation 17(3) and must be read in conjunction with regulations 5 and 6.


To outline key responsibilities and authorities in relation to the management of (organisation’s name’s) building control functions and quality assurance system.

Roles and responsibilities

  • (TBA)
    The (TBA) is responsible for documenting roles and responsibilities and ensuring documentation accurately describes the levels of authority and responsibility.
  • (TBA)
    The (TBA) is responsible for:
    • ensuring employees and contractors understand the roles, responsibilities and levels of authority
    • ensuring that all work undertaken is completed by employees or contractors who have the appropriate level of skills and experience as required and described within the technical skill matrices.
  • (TBA)
    The (TBA) is responsible for ensuring legal documents such as building consents, code compliance certificates, notices to fix and compliance schedules are only reviewed and signed off by appropriately competent and authorised employees or contractors.
  • All employees and contractors
    All other employees or contractors must ensure they only work within their recorded levels of competency.


1  Employee/contractor resources

1.1 (Organisation’s name) must have sufficient numbers of employees and/or contractors who, collectively, have the range of technical expertise necessary to carry out the (organisation’s name’s) full functions as a building consent authority.

1.2 Determining technical capability and capacity can be established by using the up-to-date technical skills matrices, which can identify potential resourcing gaps.

1.3 Key points to consider when assessing employee/contractor resources are:

  • volume and type of work, including identification of any peaks and troughs in workload
  • timeliness of delivery of services
  • in-house competencies
  • geographical considerations.
1.4 (Organisation’s name) may look externally to engage appropriately qualified, competent, and experienced people to fill identified capacity or capability gaps. Contracts or other formal arrangements should be documented.

1.5 All work must be allocated to appropriately qualified, competent and experienced employees or contractors.

1.6 Section M-07 should outline the relationships between employees or contractors who manage, perform and verify work affecting quality.

1.7 Section M-11 should describe the roles and responsibilities for all positions within the building consent authority.

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