M-07 Organisational chart

M-07 Organisational chart refers to regulation 15 and must be read in conjunction with regulations 5 and 6.


To define (organisation’s name’s) organisational structure and outline key responsibilities and authorities in relation to the management of the building consent authority’s operations as described in M-08 Responsibility and authority, and the relationship of the building consent authority within any larger parent organisation or associated organisations.

Roles and responsibilities

(TBA) is responsible for formulating and maintaining accurate, up-to-date organisational charts.


1 Defining responsibility and authority

1.1 The (organisation’s name’s) organisational chart outlines the interrelation of personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting building consent authority accreditation quality and statutory functions.

1.2 Position descriptions specify responsibilities for all operations of the building consent authority including consent processing, inspections and administration.

1.3 Process M-08 Responsibility and authority describes management levels and authorities within the organisation.

2  Management structure

2.1 The (organisation’s name) consists of (description of organisation’s physical locations and areas of responsibility)

2.2 Insert(description of management structure, including reporting lines and areas of responsibility, link to current organisational charts.)

2.3 The (organisation’s name’s) organisational chart should identify positions and roles but not incumbent names. A list of the names relating to key positions and roles could be an annex to the manual for ease of maintenance.

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