Essential planning

The same basic process applies whether you’re thinking about building a new home, or undertaking renovations that require a building consent. How much planning is required will depend on the size of your project and how complicated it is.

PIM (project information memorandum)

A PIM is a report about a building proposal on a specific site. These are available from your local district or city council.

PIMs are useful for clarifying, at an early stage, what will be involved in a project.

Building consent

You will then need to submit plans and specifications to show the construction of the building you are planning or renovating. You’ll need this for your building consent authority to ensure your building work will meet the standards set by the New Zealand Building Code.


As you build, there will be inspections at key stages to confirm that the work is being done to the plans and specifications in the building consent.

CCC (code compliance certificate)

You must apply for a CCC to assess the building work against the building consent once the work is complete. A CCC provides assurance to you and to future owners of the property that the work has been done to appropriate standards.