Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods and the Handbook

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) publishes Acceptable Solutions and Verifications Methods, which provide means of establishing compliance with the Building Code. These documents, as well as the Building Code Handbook, are available for purchase in several different formats, or they can be downloaded for free as PDF files.

'Compliance Document’ had a particular meaning in the Building Act 2004 in relation to documents issued by MBIE. However, through an amendment to the Act in November 2013, that collective term was replaced by the terms ‘acceptable solution’ and ‘verification method’.

Acceptable solutions (AS) and verification methods (VM) had already been in existence within the compliance documents issued by MBIE.

‘Compliance Documents’ will continue to be available until they are updated. The acceptable solutions and verification methods they contain will continue to be an acceptable standard of compliance with the Building Code.

Zealand Building Code Compliance Documents and Handbook

Type of publication: Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods are published in separate documents, each relating to a particular clause or clauses of the Building Code.
Who they are for: Building designers, building officials and tradespeople, as well as homeowners.
What they contain: Information explaining that an Acceptable Solution or Verification Method provides one means of complying with the requirements of the related clause or clauses of the Building Code. They are not mandatory, but building work done in accordance with them is ‘deemed to comply’ with that clause or clauses of the Building Code.

The Building Code Handbook contains information on how the building controls regulatory framework operates, current definitions, lists of all referenced Standards, the Building Code clauses and an index for the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods.

How to get them: