Learning Curve

Building Act seminar series

The Department of Building and Housing will brief industry on the Building Act 2004 through a nationwide seminar series run in association with BRANZ Ltd. The seminars will take a 'what you need to know' approach to the Act and will offer a practical guide to the new legislation.

Dates and venues

The seminar series runs from 28 February to 22 April 2005 in 32 centres nationwide. See Newsline for more information.


To register your interest, contact Gail King, Seminar Coordinator, BRANZ Ltd, on gailking@branz.co.nz (04) 237 1170.

Building Act workshops for building officials

The Department is also holding a separate series of workshops, designed specifically for building officials, on the day-to-day operational changes under the new Building Act.

Dates and venues

These are detailed in Newsline, and take place from 14 February to 16 March at 22 centres around the country.


Contact Rosemary Hazelwood, Building Networks, office@bldgnets.co.nz, (04) 233 9588, Mobile: 027 223 5747.

BRANZ Construction Industry Training Enterprise (CITE)

Certificate in Building Controls*

Reasons to attend

This NZQA-approved course is aimed at providing those working in building controls with the knowledge and understanding of the building controls regime, legislative background, duties and responsibilities and the processes involved. The course also covers Producer Statements, Alternative Solutions and Acceptable Solutions.

This course has been revised and updated for 2005 to reflect the changes in building controls brought about by the passing of the Building Act 2004. It is for those working as a building official or private building certifier, and those planning a career in building controls.


Rosemary Hazlewood, MA (Hons), Certs PR, IAT, Director of Building Networks, and Russell Cooney, BE (Hons), an engineer and registered building surveyor.

Dates and venue

Week 1: 7 to 11 February,
Week 2: 14 to 18 March 2005.
Cost per person is $3,937.50 inc GST.

Certificate in Fire Design

Reasons to attend

This eight-day course will provide students with the skills necessary to develop a fire design solution for any building that will comply with the Building Code Acceptable Solution C/AS1 for the C Fire Safety Clauses.

It will also enable the designer to seek advice from a fire engineer when an Alternative Solution might provide a more economic or practical solution.

Plus, it will equip building officials to assess designs that comply with the Acceptable Solution or recognise where they do not, and advise where to seek further assistance.

Ed Soja, BRANZ Fire Engineer.

Dates and venues
Week 1: 22 to 25 February,
Week 2: 10 to 13 May 2005.
Cost per person is $3,375.00 inc GST.

*Book for the Building Controls and Plumbing Inspection courses at the same time and you will save $1000.

Certificate in Plumbing Inspection*

Reasons to attend
This course will provide those already in, or wanting to enter, building controls and who have a construction background, to extend their inspections skills to the plumbing services.

Brent Mallinson, Plumbing Design and Consultancy Ltd
Dates and venues
Week 1: 28 February to 4 March,
Week 2: 4 to 8 April 2005.
Cost per person is $2,812.50 inc GST.

General enquiries
Early-bird discounts are available on all courses.

*Book for the Building Controls and Plumbing Inspection courses at the same time and you will save $1000.

More information about courses:
www.branz.co.nz (CITE Industry Training)
Fiona McColl, CITE Education Officer, ph: (04) 238 1291

Standards New Zealand
Seminar series - Risk management

Standards New Zealand, the national Standards body, will be running a seminar series on their new risk management Standard (AS/NZS 4360: 2004) in March 2005.

The seminars will cover all aspects of the Standard and discuss how it can be applied to all businesses, large or small. This includes a description of the key steps offered in the Standard which are:

• establishing the context
• identifying the risks
• analysing the risks
• evaluating the risks
• treating the risks
• monitoring and reviewing
• communicating and consulting.

These are all stages that any businessperson can relate to, whether their business is manufacturing, service or sales based.

Seminar registration and information
For registration, dates, locations, prices and further information, call 0800 735 656 or email seminar@standards.co.nz

Barrier Free New Zealand Trust Training Courses 

Reasons to attend
These two-day seminars are designed to raise people's awareness and understanding of the issues for people with disabilities. They provide up-to-date information about building legislation in New Zealand and the access requirements for people with disabilities.

The courses are aimed at building control officers, building certifiers, IQPs, Barrier Free Advisors, architects, designers, developers, building owners or property managers, and those seeking qualifications as a Barrier Free Advisor (BFA).

Dates and venues
The next courses in 2005 will be held on:

3-4 March
Wellington City Council, 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington

7-8 April
Ellerslie Novotel Hotel, 72-112 Greenlane Road East, Auckland

12-13 May

16-17 June

4-5 July

15-16 September

10-11 November

The two-day courses cost $337.50 (inc GST). This includes a copy of Barrier Free NZ Trust Resource Handbook for Barrier Free Environments.

Enquiries can be made to:

Barrier Free NZ Trust
(04) 915 5848 / (04) 499 0725